The Most Useful Page of Property Tools

For Australian Landlords and Property Investors

My Book for Landlords on Finding a Tenant

The PROVEN Strategy To Leasing Your Property In ONE WEEK

Taking Advantage of Depreciation for Property Investors

See here for the FREE short course with Bradley Beer.

Introduction to Borrowing and Lending

See here for the FREE short course on borrowing with morgtgage broker (and good friend) Viktor Desovski.

Other Free Short Courses

Head to Sydney Listings Academy for FREE short courses.

Great Podcasts for Property Investing

I have always enjoyed The Property Couch by Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley.

Finding An Investment Property That Fits Your Budget

Check out the example of What can you buy in Sydney for $600k

Resources on Pricing Properties

My Simple Three-Step Process to Pricing Your Property

The Three-Step Process to Pricing which includes a simple FREE download worksheet.

My ‘Floor and Ceiling Method’

For properties that do not have many good comparables, check out this 13 minute youtube video.



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