The Most Useful Page of Life and Meaning Tools

Welcome to The Most Useful Page On The Internet – my (Joe’s) best recommendations, tips and hacks, to help you on your journey to open a thousand doors for yourself!

This is meant to make it easier for you to find the things you need next – if you don’t have a good recommendation, or want to discover new tools or resources, then this is made for you. It’s meant to save you time so you can do your great work, and get to great places, faster!

This is The Most Useful Page of Life and Meaning Tools

Disclaimer One: The one thing we know for sure about anyone who claims to have all the answers, is that they don’t have all the answers. What I would like to share in this instalment of my Most Useful Pages are the things I’ve found that work incredibly well for me. We go overboard teaching people how to become good workplace professionals but there is a gaping hole in our education for how to build a good life. And the tools are definitely available.

For example, on this page you’ll get an insight into The Happiness Curve and learn why older people report more happiness than younger people. You’ll also come to understand that suicide is more common in affluent areas, and why. Scroll down and hopefully you’ll find something of value for you today.

If you find it useful, you can store this page on your bookmarks section of your browser for easy access going forward.


Some of the other Most Useful pages I have make up separate posts, and will cover different things like business and marketing tools and property tools. 

Note: Not an ‘Influencer’

Disclaimer Two: I’m not an influencer, and I don’t have affiliates with the below, unless I’ve stated otherwise! I believe in intentional sharing (Share the great things that others make with those it can help, and in turn, others will share the great things you make), which is why I’ve put this together. Enjoy!


The Most Useful Page of Life and Meaning Tools

Awareness: Conversations with the Masters by Anthony de Mello

Awareness is at time of writing the most powerful book I’ve ever read and my number one ‘generic’ recommendation. The title says it all. I value self-awareness as the single greatest ability a person can have.

The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After Midlife by Jonathan Rauch

The Happiness Curve is a phenomenal book and a must-read for anyone interested in happiness (so, everyone). My greatest take-away from this book was that because of our inbuilt optimism tendency, we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves which is the seed of our disappointments.

The Minimum Viable Lifestyle (MVL)

This is my own resource, which I rarely list in these pages, but the MVL is my strategy for managing expectations, and I have vowed to never obscure this behind a paywall. It is very much built on the next resource too:

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg Mckeown

Essentialism is a fantastic principle for everyone to live by. It can be applied to all areas of life.

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging  definitely influenced my conclusion that our lives are built for comfort, not for meaning (the consequences of which are horrific). 

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