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Wanting ‘More’ means you already have ‘Some’

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Here’s the thing about wanting more.

The act of wanting more implies that you already have some



Why isn’t some enough? 


Some money is better than no money, but some money might be better than more money. Isn’t that interesting? 

Why do investment and fund managers need to squeeze every percent of growth possible? So they can win more business, and have more themselves?


And, if you have already built ten buildings, why do you want to build twenty? 

We’re obsessed with growth, of continually aspiring for more. Why?


Alternatives to wanting more:

  • Wanting less
  • Having enough
  • Doing more


These ideas tie heavily to the idea of the Minimum Viable Lifestyle (MVL)

Learn to want less, and the walls which you have to scale will be lower.


Love having enough and you’ll remain at peace. 

Do more with what you already have (friends, family, interests and so on) and you’ll radiate positivity.


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