How’s Your Thinking Career Going?

If you just joined us, you may not be familiar that we are all born in the passenger seat of life, and that it is a deliberate choice to become the driver – to choose our own direction, rather than following the path others give us as default.

You might not be aware of your Audience-of-None – of what you’d do, be it a job, hobby, or interest, if no one ever saw it. I have a few, my favorite of which is writing – if no one ever read a word I wrote, I’d still write till my dying day.

You may not be familiar with Without-The-Box Thinking; the idea that, though everyone tells you to ‘think outside-the-box’, that ‘outside’ is still too close to ‘the box’. In other words, when you get the yellow instead of the red Ferrari, you’re not being as innovative as you think – because you haven’t questioned deep down why you want a Ferrari at all.

These are levels of thinking that most people don’t reach in day-to-day life. My request is that they think a bit more, and better yet, think about their thinking like a career.


The Regular Career

What is a career? I think of it as a ‘work journey’. As with any journey, we start out without much at all, though things should get better as we go along. We climb higher and higher, receive more and more rewards, and get the chance to impact more and more people.

Often the best and most rewarding part, once we are established and deep into our journey, is being able to play a role in enabling the journeys of young beginners who are just starting out. And so as is natural in all areas of the world, a natural cycle completes its loop.

Our lives are not singular straight lines – they are cycles. Just like the seasons, the markets and the shape of planets and moons, nature is usually round and cyclical.


The Thinking Career

What are the disadvantages to setting out on a deliberate thinking career? One that measures its success by elevating and progressing one’s level of thinking?

Like any other career, it’s not going to happen by sitting on your ass. You got to go out, do the work, and earn it. You must get better at thinking yourself – others will help you, but they will not drag you along. No one can carry out your journey for you – they are just companions on the road.

Get your thinking promoted. Get your thinking into big boardrooms, thinking about big ideas and exploring important truths.

The sharper your axe, the swifter your strike. You can knock down the trees in your family life, and in any of the woods you find yourself in. Your other career will certainly get better too.

The fact that you’re here reading this means you are interested in boosting your thinking. Good on you! You are not part of the lazy folk, being driven around by others. You are part of the few, the wise, the ones who will make our world better.

Who at the end will Open important Doors for young thinkers just starting out.


Recommended To Start…

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The Book Awareness by Anthony De Mello. 

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.


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