The Glass Prison

What you don’t know is that you were born inside a glass prison. 


The way you look at the world appears clear to you, it appears that you see what is, but you do not. You cannot. 


Your vision appears clear, but you are looking through glass. 


If the glass is tinted red, you think the whole world is red, and if the glass is tinted green, you will see the world as green. 


You think that the green you see is the same as the green that others around you see, that you are having the same experience. But what if you are not? What if you both have your own tinting, your own colour-blindness? 


You will talk as if you see things the same but you can never be completely sure.


Don’t take my word for it…


Test it yourself. Get your family or group of friends together and do my Glossary Exercise. See how those closest to you define things like ‘success’ and ‘God’ and ‘wealth’ and the other key ideas of modern life. 


And when you look at the discrepancy between your definitions and theirs, you might come to see how communication can be very imprecise. 


When I go to the States, I ask for chips and am disappointed when they give me what I call ‘crisps’, instead of what they call French Fries. When I ask for a Lemonade, they don’t translate it to ‘Sprite’, and when I ask the hotel staff if I need to wear thongs in the sauna, their jaws drop open. 


We use the same words but arranged in different languages. This applies much more than anyone comprehends or realises. 


Your perception is warped. 


We all live in our own version of the Matrix. We all think our perception is the accurate one – something we all have in common ironically, when that perception is never truly common. 


You cannot see the borders of your perception, you cannot see the glass of the glass prison, yet it restricts you all the same. 


That is, you don’t find it unless you go looking for it. 


Until you reach the current boundaries of your ideas, and bump into the hard, clear surface you could not see. 


You find something you cannot do. 

You find an idea that does not make sense. 

You have a feeling of discomfort in your gut, that doesn’t feel right. 

Your mind starts to hurt. 

There is a barrier you want to overcome, but you don’t know how. 

You feel insecure, exposed, a little naked perhaps? 


Fret not, you are doing the right thing. You are bumping into the glass. 

People do not need help seeing ‘more’ or something ‘new’. 


Actually they need help seeing what already IS. The reality. They are looking around for something, thinking that something is outside their awareness when in fact, it is already in their field of vision. 


It is the way they are looking at it that is the problem. 


Most people do not realise that every Door is the First of a Thousand Doors. That is the reason they do not go through. 


They do not understand what is right in front of them. 


Would this open a Door For Someone You Know?

Remember to share it with them, after all, the best way to Open a Thousand Doors for you is to concentrate on Opening Doors for Others.

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