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The Train Station

Everyone wants it to be like a Train Station. 


They want to come in in a mob, punch a ticket, and then go on through. 


To every problem, they want a train ticket solution.


The Afterlife. 


The train to the afterlife. 


To catch it, do you simply have to show up to your temple once a week? Does your hypocrisy outside the temple not matter? 


Do you believe that if you show up, hold out your ticket, you get to go onboard? 


Can you catch the train instead of living by true values? 




The train to success. 


Do you just show up in the crowd with all the others, prepare and study what everyone told you to prepare and study… and then get to climb willfully on board? 


Is it that simple? 


Do you have to do anything unique? Do you need to be brave and innovating and creative and daring at all? 


People don’t want the speedbumps. They don’t want the hiccups. They don’t want to feel the walls are caving in and have to overcome them. 


They want to pay for a ticket and get onboard. 


And so people will always be able to sell tickets…


Think of it this way. You have a whole society filled with people who are looking for this story… who are looking to be told that with just a train ticket, they can get to a place of glory. 


That despite how they act, they get to go to the next Station. 


For that reason, anyone who stands there claiming to have a ticket, with a decent enough story, will always be able to sell tickets. 


The most basic of challenging questions, or simple prodding would show the story to be a ponzi scheme. But, because people are just looking to be told this story, they are all too willing to be told it. 


So they buy a ticket. 


They go through a dark tunnel. 


And who knows where they go? 


People always want a solution that fits with their current understanding of the world, not one that forces them to overcome the limits of their existing thinking and mental concepts. 


They are looking for the solution that fits that map, not a new map. 


But to those brave enough to seek the journey, to answer the call, I say…


I say that the real journey is not a train ticket. It is a journey of a Thousand Doors. 


To start it, you have to open that First Door, the one that leads you into the unknown. 


This journey goes through the obstacles, not around them. 


You have to decide for yourself…


Are you looking for a train ticket? 


Or are you willing to stand up and do something that has not been done before?

Would this open a Door For Someone You Know?

Remember to share it with them, after all, the best way to Open a Thousand Doors for you is to concentrate on Opening Doors for Others.

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