I have bad news… the excuses are gone

I have bad news.


The excuses are gone.


It used to be…

  1. I can’t find anyone to collaborate with
  2. I’m isolated, cut off from the world
  3. I’m not near a tech hub or university campus
  4. I don’t have access to a library
  5. I don’t have any money
  6. I’m not smart
  7. Know one knows what my spark is, no one can see it
  8. I don’t know what my spark is, and I don’t know what I want to do
  9. There’s too much out there to choose from. I can’t narrow it down
  10. There’s no one out there like me


The barrier-to-entry to your hero’s journey is now an internet connection.


You live in a world full of icebergs. You can only see the 10%, the bit that sits above the surface. You think the 10% is the whole. But I assure you that it is not. The 90% below the surface becomes available when we set up a Room where it is ok to show who you are.


And we’re finding that people love your 90%.


That the 90% is where your great work comes from. We don’t need to give you anything new. We just need to set up the Room where you can be more you. And you can access that Room if you have an internet connection.


How it starts


It normally starts with a blog. A Youtube channel. An Instagram page. A humble little podcast. A small game you’ve made. An E-Commerce store. In today’s age, this is the first stage that creative contributors go through — this is the first sign of the creative potential trying to come out.


Naturally, they believe that it is the blog, the Youtube channel, the Instagram page or the humble podcast that is their journey. In some cases it is, but in many cases, what they might not see, is that it is just the First Door — the first of a thousand.


Don’t forget the Eiffel Tower Principle, which is to say, don’t resist the innovation of you. It might not be the blog or Youtube page themselves, but rather, where they lead to next. The next Door. I’ll tell you right now that the best thing that can come out of your project will be the new people you will get to meet, the new things you will get to learn, and the ability to have better Doors and opportunities come thereafter.


But if you don’t get the first bus, you can’t get the second. To find the Second Door, you must first go through the First. You have to start that first project. And a tip from someone who might be a few Doors ahead — you move a lot faster on this journey when you find people to collaborate with, instead of going it alone.


Start your first project. Find your people. Earn your people.


I have bad news. The excuses to start are gone. If you don’t know where to start, start with us here.


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