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You are a snake shedding your skin as you grow and evlove

I googled this and took my inspiration from the first result.

So I hope it’s correct.


[According to this site a snake, unlike other reptiles, appears to shed its skin in one go.


The snake grows, and as such, its skin begins to stretch.


It then reaches a point where further growth is not possible. That presents a problem.


So what does the snake do?


It grows its new skin underneath. Once complete, the old skin is shed away.


What it leaves is a snake-shaped skin behind it. A replica, yet, a hollow one.


Like a past version of yourself, that you’ve shed, it looks like you from the outside.


But inside it is very different.


You have evolved. You have moved on.


In your wake, your history, your past, you have left past versions of yourself, those you needed to wear and outgrow to get here.


Not shedding is to refuse Nature’s way.


And Nature, when resisted, is the coach who takes you off the pitch and tells you to hit the showers.


If you’re done, you’re gone.


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