Don’t lack clarity on your lack of clarity

When I’m in the groove, ideas flow out of me faster than I can catch them and put them into print.


Things feel clear and I can do most anything.


I feel indestructible.


Every so often, the waters get murky. That’s when the tap slows to a drip.


Things feel less clear. But worry not.


Never lack clarity on your lack of clarity.


It is nature’s way of telling you that you have something to learn.


Something important.


Sit with it patiently. If you are willing to see a wide range of possibilities, eventually this lesson will open up and reveal itself to you.


But you have to be willing to lean into it, to dig your feet in and push the bike up hill so you can see the beautiful view from the next mountain top.


Don’t lack clarity on your lack of clarity.


Find it again, by asking, ‘hmmm… what is it I’m meant to learn?’

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