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The Doorman

Don’t thank me.


The magic comes from the people who are in the Room.


Not the person who Opens the Door.


One Thing.


The business books tell you to focus on one thing, and to become world class at it.


To the business books I say, my physiotherapist wanted me to do rehab for half and hour each day on my ankle.


The problem is, that’s too much time to give to my ankle. I have a life to live.


In the same way, the focus of my life cannot be to develop myself into a product with high market value. I was not designed for the sole purpose of winning in an economy.


Business is a part of life, and not the other way around.


World Class.


I’m already world class at doing one thing — at being me.


Sounds obvious and cute but there are not many people who are world class at being themselves. It’s rarer than you’d think. If you look around, you’ll see them — the square pegs in round holes, and round pegs in square holes.


The point of life is not to win at capitalism. The point of life is to win life, which, in this century, requires us to navigate capitalism. When capitalism is no longer our status quo, the game will be different, and we will have to navigate that too.


You see capitalism is not the end product, but an MVP, a step along the way.


What doesn’t make sense is all that makes sense.


I left high school a nerd who acted in plays, debated, led teams and served his community. I studied advanced units of maths and english. You were supposed to be interested in one or the other… what baloney.


I wanted to be a filmmaker, I studied psychology, I co-ran a nonprofit in Nepal, I started a real estate business, I’ve written books (some unpublished), blogs, made a podcast, invested in a tech company and began a new type of educational organisation.


Life is not always sunshine and rainbows but it has certainly been an adventure so far, and one I’m proud of.


It doesn’t make sense to outsiders, and that is why it is the only thing that can make sense. Designing a life that makes sense to others is a fool’s errand. You are a one-time act, never seen before and to never be seen again. So why should you fit a script?


Round pegs. Square holes.


Do we tell the forest to be one plant? No, because it is from the diversity of the forest that the ecosystem survives. A farm must be tended — a forest sustains itself.


We do not put the round pegs in square holes. We are not looking to fit ourselves into a bucket, but rather, we are best content at being bucket-less and label-less.


Find the one thing!


What’s my ‘one thing’? Well you can’t say it were an industry or a job title.


But if I were to say I were ‘one thing’, I would say that I am simply a Doorman.


Someone who welcomes you into a room, or a building… a place that might be for you.


Yes, you can open the Door yourself, but it always makes a difference to have someone willing to show it to you and open it for you.


Because you might walk on by, not knowing that what lies behind those Doors could be for you.


None the wiser, you’d go your whole day, or your whole life, without finding that thing that truly makes you special.


Whether or not you go in is your decision — not mine.


Either way, the Doorman is content to be forgotten once you go through the Door, or move on.


So if I had to find ‘one thing’ I suppose that would be it. Are you happy now?


I’m someone who Opens Doors for others.

Would this open a Door For Someone You Know?

Remember to share it with them, after all, the best way to Open a Thousand Doors for you is to concentrate on Opening Doors for Others.

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