Want to improve education? Make peer-based interactions, projects and real experiences the centre, not the shepherding of information. One of my favourite initiatives to come out of the Constant Student Community is a Thursday call where a very small group from the community gathers together to unpack our podcast projects and level up. Alongside me, it’s Liam Hounsell and James Fricker. Below are my top four takeaways from the recent week’s installment.   1/ A new rule: 10%-20% friction limit.       2/ Another key takeaway — story > niche.   All the conventional wisdom says to find a niche, but James, Liam and I all realised something on

A simple life for all   In 18 & Lost? So Were We, I wrote about my life after leaving high school, and the feeling of being lost, the feeling of going through the motions.   I’m 27 years old at time of writing. Those years feel like a lifetime ago, and that boy who lived them feels like a stranger to me.   We are, each of us, the culmination of our stories — those stories crystallise how we’ve interpreted and encoded the events of our lives. Though it’s never too late to re-write your story, those earlier pages will always be part of it.   When

They raced ahead and made it further up the mountain.   But when they looked back, all they saw was the trail of destruction they left in their wake to get there.   The path was lined with the skeletons of all those they climbed over.   At that moment they longed to go back and try again, but it was too late. Their time had been spent.   I didn't reach the peak of the mountain they climbed.   I found a detour, and followed it. Suddenly I came to a quiet opening that looked out over a peaceful valley.   Creatures surrounded me and chirped away, and the wind whistled

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