How Sad — The Hippy, The Entrepreneur & The Philosopher

There was once a hippy — who didn’t shave his armpits, didn’t shower, and lived out of caravan parks.


And one day a blue collar worker drove past the hippy and scoffed at him. ‘Freeloader’ the blue collar worker mumbled to himself.


‘That hippy will never do an honest day’s work his whole life’ the blue collar worker said to himself. ‘How sad.’


The blue collar worker drove to do a job at the house of a white collar worker, an accountant. The accountant scoffed at the blue collar worker, saying to herself ‘this man has to work with his hands, he’ll never be able to use his mind to work, how sad.’


Back at the office, a senior member, high up in the corporate ranks, grew frustrated with the accountant, saying to himself ‘she shows a lack of ambition and drive — she’s unable to climb the ladder. She’ll never amount to anything, how sad.’


But somewhere else a tech entrepreneur was getting ready to fire this senior member as a consultant — the tech entrepreneur scoffed at them, realising they weren’t delivering any real value. The tech entrepreneur said to herself ‘this corporate drone is just chasing prestige, and not creating anything worthwhile, how sad.’


Later that day a philosopher was watching the tech entrepreneur make a comment on TV and laughed to himself. ‘Look at this poor woman, trying to creating something big for its own sake, trying to prove herself and being completely distracted from reality and the simple joys of life. How sad.’


So stirred was the philosopher that he ran outside to start sharing this insight, and calling out all the pretenders. One day while the philosopher was giving a talk, the hippy walked past and began to listen.


‘Here is this person over-intellectualising our existence, spending all this time talking about it obsessively and theoretically’ the hippy said to himself, ‘instead of just being able to sit back and enjoy it.’


‘How sad.’


Everyone thinks they’ve got it figured out.


By The Doorman.


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