It’s Nothing More Than A Party

The Student said,


Speak to me of existence. For this world is deceptive — in every corner dances a different shadow of what to pursue, what to follow.


And the Doorman said,


Here I stand on the shoulders of giants, for it is not I, but many before me who pointed out that existence is essentially playful. There is no necessity for it whatsoever.


It is like music or theatre. The whole purpose of it is simply to be enjoyed, to engage others, and to stimulate them. It is an experience. In one way of thinking, music, theatre and art are not essential — and for that reason, in another way of thinking, they are the most essential of all things.


The Party


Our Universe is a party, and the great crime is those who make the party a serious affair. They over-complicate it and thus lose their sensitivity to true enjoyment.


In so doing, they make it serious for others, which is to say, the disease spreads from one to many. It is the cause of heart disease, it is the cause of war, it is the cause of all evils.


If you try too hard to enjoy a party — to plan it, strategise about it, hold fancy meetings about it, develop a ten year vision for this fun — you guarantee one thing — you won’t have any fun.


For how enjoyable can be a thing that is planned minute by minute? The joy is in the surprise, in you not knowing how exactly it will go.


Some people at a party put all their energy into finding the fanciest circle of people to associate with. They want to be seen with the ‘it’ crowd, want to feel superior, so they spend all their time trying to look at themselves through others’ eyes — in so doing, they abandon themselves.


Others try to take control. They see the party as a waste of time, so they stand up the front and take the microphone — because their way of fun is not fun unless others are trying to copy.


But the Universe — or is it Nature? — or is it God? — or are they all the same? Slaps the microphone out of their hand and tells them ‘That’s not your role. This is my party. It is rude to take control, to make it about you — let go, get off my stage, and just enjoy it.’


So this slap will feel like emptiness, or depression, or anxiety, or rejection, or Existential Flu, or injury, or a car accident, or other health conditions.


To the serious one, for whom life is a competitive game, the people enjoying themselves look like fools.

But the only fool at a party is the one who can’t enjoy it.


So surrender.


So the Doorman said — ‘I tell myself, all the time, to surrender.’


‘Foolish Doorman — just find people whose company you enjoy, whose conversation interests you. And if the conversation doesn’t interest you, then find a respectful excuse to move on!


Find those great people at the party who give you energy — be with them, laugh with them, create art with them, and talk honestly with them.


And your tummy will rumble, so make sure you have something to eat. But don’t take all the party pies — just enough for your fill. If you only came here for the food, then you’re once more a fool.


And when it starts to rain, try to find room inside…


Or perhaps just dance in that rain.

Remember, Dear Fellow Students, every day when we wake up:


We are one day closer to this party being over.’


For Luisa — for I suspect you know how to party my friend.


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