Ask yourself, why do you like music?   Probably because of the way it makes you feel. But it can make you feel many things — sad, sorrowful, jubilant, inspired, calm and collected. You can explain this up to a point, but those you are explaining to need to have some concept of these feelings to understand your love of music.   How do you describe to someone what music is? How do you describe Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma or the spectacle of Beyonce?   Just the same, explain to me why you laugh.   Funny

Rule 2/3 of the Constant Student Community is, 'never say the word 'busy' (Joe will lose it)'.   In modern society, 'busy' is a state of total distraction from the truth.   It's a total distraction from what's important.   It's a badge of honor to be able to say 'yeh mate, been busy'. We derive pleasure from being able to say that we don't have time. But what a ridiculous notion, to not have time?   A 19 times bestselling author received a manuscript for my book on a Saturday, and sent me back a blurb on the following Wednesday. For me and my co-authors, absolute no-names,

Are we there yet? pesters the young child from the back seat.   Are. We. There. Yet?   But zoom out and we're all that young child, looking to arrive, looking to get somewhere. You can look through the telescope for the fine details but you'll miss the grander view if you do. If you look too hard, you'll see only a fraction of the total picture.   If you ask the wrong question, you will never find the right answer.   You will always be looking somewhere where the answer is not. Scrutinising things too closely under the microscope. As Alan Watts told us

Books carry a special place in our world — they move the culture forward.   There was a time when you needed permission and approval to write a book. It was not so long ago in fact. A publisher needed to agree to bring your idea into the world and stock it on shelves.   There were gatekeepers. There were people who got to decide. People other than you.   As Seth Godin says, that barrier has now disappeared. In 2021, you can write a book and put it online any time you like. Did you know that? You can put it on Amazon right now,

Do you follow people you respect? Who enrich your life? Who lift you up? Who push you to aim higher?   How do you choose who to follow?   If you go to your social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and whatever else, take a moment to appreciate who you are following and subscribed to.   If a leader is someone who says 'I'm going over here', and a follower is someone who clicks 'follow' for that journey, then you are, through social media, being led by all those people you choose to follow.   When you click 'follow', you are clicking a button that says "I

Don't thank me.   The magic comes from the people who are in the Room.   Not the person who Opens the Door.   One Thing.   The business books tell you to focus on one thing, and to become world class at it.   To the business books I say, my physiotherapist wanted me to do rehab for half and hour each day on my ankle.   The problem is, that's too much time to give to my ankle. I have a life to live.   In the same way, the focus of my life cannot be to develop myself into a product with high market value. I was not designed for the

When I'm in the groove, ideas flow out of me faster than I can catch them and put them into print.   Things feel clear and I can do most anything.   I feel indestructible.   Every so often, the waters get murky. That's when the tap slows to a drip.   Things feel less clear. But worry not.   Never lack clarity on your lack of clarity.   It is nature's way of telling you that you have something to learn.   Something important.   Sit with it patiently. If you are willing to see a wide range of possibilities, eventually this lesson will open up and reveal itself to you.   But you have to be

There is no such thing as a truly independent individual achievement.   At the Academy Awards, an individual wins Best Actor or Actress — whether it's Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew McConaughey or Meryl Streep, they always thank the people that helped get them there (and they always run out of time).   Then the music starts, trying to drown them out — symbolic of a culture where want one champion. It's our own version of the hunger games — 'there can only be one victor'. Only one name goes on the history books for Best Actor, Best Actress. The other names, the ones that got

The two year rule, stated simply, is that if you want your money back in two years, don't invest. It was stated by legendary investor Peter Lynch.   We, of course, take a broader view of investing. In addition to money, we also invest time, effort and energy.   If you want your returns in less than two years, you have too much short-term thinking. You lack the persistence required to succeed.   The same can be said of entrepreneurship, because every entrepreneurial or creative endeavour is an investment.   If you're not willing to stick with the drop-shipping store, Instagram page, podcast or blog for two years,

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