Imagine you are part of the ocean. You are part of one gigantic force - but you cannot see the extent of yourself, how far or wide you stretch. You can only see your section of the ocean, and so in your eyes, that is all that exists, and it is also all of you.   But as you move you begin to head towards land   And as you see yourself change position in relation to the land, you begin to notice that you are not everything you see. You suspect that you are the ocean, and that everything else is

We live, each of us, in two worlds. One is visible, the other is invisible. One is determined only by others, the other is determined only by us. One is the focus of the West, the other is the focus of the East. Both are important. Both are different. And they are completely unrelated from one another. Success in one rarely relates to success in the other. Some people thrive in one but struggle in the other. Heath Ledger. Robin Williams. Michael Jackson. Amy Winehouse. The list of celebrities who were known to be troubled or took their own lives is countless. “But they had it all”

Define: Conversation Sex The experience of deeply rewarding and pleasurable conversation, consisting of selfless penetration and climax. Requires at least two participants - can try to do it on your own but never the same. The Importance Of Conversation Sex One thing that has become clear to me is our need for Conversation Sex in society. I’m uniquely positioned to see this now that my writing and podcast are firmly out there, as these topics trigger the most deep and fascinating conversations with people. Fact: Most people are not having enough Conversation Sex. It’s unhealthy and unnatural. As a result, I find myself

We all play games. We can choose the games but choosing not to play games itself is not an option. If you believe you are an exception, this simply means that you are not aware of the games you are playing.   Being aware of the games you’re playing always boosts your odds of 1) winning or 2) choosing better games. Today we’ll be discussing one of the most common and ensnaring forms of games in our culture.   Status Games   People often say “I don’t care about money” and “I’m not doing it for the money”. We scrutinise people for the pursuit and

“Ego Is The Enemy”    Ryan Holiday found this idea so important that he tattooed it onto his body and made it the title of a great book.    Ego is not an enemy, it is the enemy. Not one of many enemies, but the one enemy behind every villainous mask. Any obstacle you are facing right now be it internally or out in the external world can be traced back to ego.    Are you afraid of something right now… well what are you afraid of?    Are you afraid of failing, being embarrassed, or letting others down? Ask then this; what do you stand to lose

Though I’m a staunch critic of education and schooling, my own time at school was an amazing experience overall. The thing I loved most was the sense of community and being able to see around a hundred people I genuinely loved every single day.    It Was A Great System   The beauty with school was that I never had to arrange to see people. It just happened.    We all showed up to the same campus five days a week and for sport on Saturdays. Our lives were beautifully interwoven as we did a whole range of activities together; I had some friends I did

I would be terrified to count my total Playstation-playing hours per year when I first left school. I always wanted to spend more time making short films in my left over time from studying but the temptation to go out and party, or sit on the Playstation for hours on end often got the better of me.    I saw the value in doing something more creative and productive with my time - but I rarely found the intentionality to do so.    A Football Team Can Only Have Eleven Players On The Field At Any One Time   There was only one game I used

What are feelings? The very question seems ridiculous to ask doesn’t it?    Feelings are of course joy, elation, happiness, sadness and all the other things we might feel. They are an emotional experience we have at a given point in time.    But where do feelings come from?    Feelings are triggered by stimuli in our environment. When I tell ladies I see in public that they shouldn’t be wearing short shorts because it reveals their large bulbous thighs, I often get a sense that they are upset, angry, enraged, and embarrassed - often all at once.    Curious thing isn’t it - an opinion I express,

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