I would be terrified to count my total Playstation-playing hours per year when I first left school. I always wanted to spend more time making short films in my left over time from studying but the temptation to go out and party, or sit on the Playstation for hours on end often got the better of me.    I saw the value in doing something more creative and productive with my time - but I rarely found the intentionality to do so.    A Football Team Can Only Have Eleven Players On The Field At Any One Time   There was only one game I used

Imagine you were the wealthiest person in a poor community.    You are well-known and everyone looks up to you. But you have a problem. Because of the gap between you and everyone else, you feel guilty.   You can afford to do whatever you want whenever you want, but the same is not true for everyone else. You want to maintain your position, as after all, your whole life has been focused on getting to this point. So what do you do to remove the guilt?    That’s when you have an idea!    You have more money than you need. You don’t care as much about

When I was just four years old, I wanted a Woody toy. He was my favourite character from the Disney film Toy Story.    Though if I’d been born in 1980, or 1880, I wouldn’t have wanted a ‘Woody’.    We know a lot about early civilisation from cave paintings and archaeological research. Without ever having read a book on this subject, I can safely say that despite the many records on cave walls, there are no paintings of Ferraris or Lamborghinis by cavemen.    I think it’s because cavemen did not appreciate fast cars.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLfkdIdPKpI When I was a bit older, maybe ten this time, I saw

I was fourteen years old and devastated on having missed out. What did I miss out on? On being one of the captains of my year group at school. Two of my good friends got it instead, and I came third.    Well, I decided that I was not going to come third next year. I wanted to be a grade captain, and knew I’d be a good one.  So I decided for next year I would leave nothing to chance   I began a habit. I would go around the playground to as many people as possible every day, smile at them, talk to

Have you heard the one about the pirate who chased the horizon?    There was once a young boy from a small coastal village, who used to dance and play   From the moment he could walk and talk, skip and jump, the young boy found a love for the sea. He would take his friends on small boat rides in the creek, imagining brave adventures, singing and dancing along the way.    And everyone in the village celebrated in particular this young boy boy because he had a gift for sailing. They told him that he would change the maps of the world, that he

In 2018 a group of young students from my old school took time out of their trip to Nepal to visit us and witness the work of From the Ground Up.    Nick and I spent the day with them discussing the story of the organisation, the communities of Ghumarchowk and Sankhu that we were working in, and we toured our projects and brick factory.    At the end one of the school teachers made a point to the boys.    She pointed out that whilst Nick and I could be doing anything with our lives, we were choosing to help people. This was meant to

In 2014 I had all of my eggs in one basket. Then something crashed into me and I dropped the basket.    The eggs broke.   I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to put all my eggs in one basket. Despite the conventional wisdom.    It’s easy to fall into the trap when everything is going well - an example that will keep repeating itself is housing. When the market is hot, it’s hard for people who have never put eggs in baskets before to understand that the temperature will eventually change.    They stretch themselves more and more to get into more and

Let’s be honest - we all do it.    We see a middle-aged man riding around in a hot-red ferrari that just feels and looks out-of-place. As out-of-place as socks-and-sandals.    We laugh and think to ourselves… that will never be me.    No it won’t be you… but not because you’re immune to the midlife crisis. But rather because you’ll be driving a Tesla.    I wonder if anyone has ever tried to accelerate, rather than avoid their midlife crisis.    Appreciation, Getting Intrinsic   Last time out we discussed the very problematic Expectations Gap phenomena, a theory that seems to explain the Happiness Curve.    This issue is utterly catastrophic in its

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