https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxjVTcdbJqs Podcast Episode Link.   If you’ve never seen Hollywood’s classic, satirical Austin Powers movies, then you might be missing one of the greatest lessons on wealth of all time from the film’s villain, Dr. Evil.    Played by Mike Myers, Dr. Evil continually gets stuck up on one thing - relativity.    Having been caught up in time travel, he has problems adjusting his ransom demands for inflation!      From a million to a hundred billion dollars   In this short clip Dr. Evil reveals the extent of his well-thought out diabolical plan. He’s obviously been brooding on this one for a while and plotting to get a million dollars.    Though

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaZzSXMUj4Q The Podcast Episode, Here!   Here’s the thing about wanting more. The act of wanting more implies that you already have some.    SO… Why isn’t some enough?    Some money is better than no money, but some money might be better than more money. Isn’t that interesting?  Why do investment and fund managers need to squeeze every percent of growth possible? So they can win more business, and have more themselves?   And, if you have already built ten buildings, why do you want to build twenty?  We’re obsessed with growth, of continually aspiring for more. Why?   Alternatives to wanting more: Wanting less Having enough Doing more.    These ideas tie heavily to the

Why are New Year’s Resolutions a thing?   Loneliness, dissatisfaction and feelings that our lives are empty and disappointing are much more pronounced around the Christmas and New Year period.    Why is that so?    Answer: A powerful combination of factors causes us to be more reflective and pessimistic at this time. Today we’re going to explore and de-mystify these.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2gvXXsM8SQ Firstly, there’s the PAUSE.    Just like COVID-19, everything has slowed down at this time of year. People are not at work distracting themselves with ‘busyness’. They have time to think.    Then there’s the inevitable REFLECTION and REVIEW.    It’s like post-match analysis… the best time to reflect on a game

Welcome to the original publishing of  “Gillage - My Perfect Village” by Joe Wehbe.    The below will sound some combination of crazy, utopian, anarchic, naive, ‘airy-fairy’, and in the most painful sense, completely logical.    “Gillage” as we have affectionately come to call it, is a dream a few friends and I have of a better world - all starting from one communal village. This dream is a place where we can create what I call the ‘Thousand Doors System’ for everybody (where everyone embraces uncertainty and has limitless opportunity).     The reason for sharing Gillage with you is that I want you to be

This is the Pleasure Treadmill.  It’s where a lot of humans live because they don’t know any better.  We’re critically under-educated about our own happiness and sense of meaning.  And that’s being generous, because under-education implies that some education is already taking place, (and to be frank, I’m doubtful of that).   For podcast episodes on The Pleasure Treadmill see episodes #014-#015 of the With Joe Wehbe Podcast.  Youtube Episodes: #014 Homeostasis and #015 Pleasure vs. Fulfillment   Taking a depressed person to a rock concert If you take a depressed person to a rock concert, you’ll be sandwiching a brief episode of happiness with depression on either side.

Welcome to The Most Useful Page On The Internet - my (Joe's) best recommendations, tips and hacks, to help you on your journey to open a thousand doors for yourself! This is meant to make it easier for you to find the things you need next - if you don't have a good recommendation, or want to discover new tools or resources, then this is made for you. It's meant to save you time so you can do your great work, and get to great places, faster! This is The Most Useful Page of Life and Meaning Tools Disclaimer One: The one thing

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