There was once an old man who lived in a cottage on the outskirts of town.    And let me tell you, the old man was a bastard.    He worked his way into a wheelchair by neglecting his health, and demanded everything of everyone. Most of all his son, who came by everyday to bring his elderly father fish and bread.    And almost everyday the old man would have something negative to say.    “You’re late”   “You were supposed to bring me rye, not plain”   “You were supposed to bring salmon, not tuna”.    “You’re not looking well boy. You’re looking unhealthy, overweight and sluggish. Doesn’t that wife feed you?”   “You’re

I’m not in the habit of collecting enemies but if I did want to torture someone I wouldn’t trick them into a one, two or three-out-of-ten lifestyle.   I’d trick them into a Six-Out-of-Ten-Life    When life is rated one or two, it’s so painful or horrible that you will not put up with it for long. You’ll make a change, move into another lane, another job, and avoid.    But what do you do when the needle hovers somewhere near, or just above the middle? It’s that awkward spot where you ask, is this it? Is it worth aiming higher? Is it possible to be

I assume you’d pass the Mirror Test. It’s a test you don’t need to study for, don’t worry. The whole point of the test is to determine whether you can recognise yourself in the mirror.    Does that sound like something you can handle? Are you sure?    This test was invented in and around the 1970’s and requires putting a mark on an animal’s body. If the animals can recognise the mark, it is believed to recognise itself and normally tries to scratch it off.    Animals that can handle the Mirror Test   Elephants, magpies, apes, dolphins, some types of whales to name a few, are

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