Launching Soon

The most significant things I’m working on typically revolve around The Constant Student, a new education ecosystem that revolves around people, projects and community, rather than information and theory. Open globally.



We’re also in the early stages of a new post-high school experience, led by Byron Dempsey, working name being ‘The Intentional Gap Year‘. This is a build-your-own-adventure style experience for high-school leavers in Australia, combining partying and social calendar with practical work experience, support getting a part-time job, exposure to the world of entrepreneurship and more.


If you’re in Australia and need some real estate help, don’t forget Sydney Listings, which I co-founded in 2017 and still run!


After the successful launch of 18 & Lost? So Were We, which became a No.4 Amazon Best Seller on launch day, I’m also trialing a service where I work directly with self-publishing authors on launching their books. I’m seeing if I enjoy this for now.



If you’re reading this and wondering if you could run your own spread of projects too, remember to be content to start very small. I’ve been building up the significance and quality of my projects over time, am still on that journey, and am far from the finished article!

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