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🎙 With Joe Wehbe Podcast – Season 1: 5-10 minute daily episodes, and thereafter seasons on education, modern thinkers, a few episodes where my ego went nuts, the Myth of Failure, the hidden wisdom of Harry Potter and much more.


🏔 The Constant Student Community – online and in-person community for ‘witches and wizards’… that is, compassionate and curious people who share the values I tend to write and speak about.


📙 Details on books I’ve written, including 18 & Lost? So Were We can be found in ‘Books‘ (clever name right?)


🩸 My blog with philosophy, deep-thinking, and ideas important for our long-term future (important according to me so there’s some bias laced in there).


📽 My WJW Youtube Channel with podcast eps and more.


📽 THE BLUE PILL, a comedy/skits based Youtube Channel


🐦 I’m on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN for now. I kind of hate them all.


😕 What will become of my TikTok account? Who knows.


📈 Invested in This. because I believe in it, same goes for Maslow.

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