Launching Soon

My next book is a comedy and fiction work, written in conjunction with Paul Rowse. It is a satire on the seriousness of life and workplace culture. Working title ‘Holy Shit! It’s Only Tuesday.’ For updates on this and any future books, I recommend signing up here to ‘The Doorman.’


18 & Lost? So Were We: 2021.

For young people and those connected to the journey of life after high school, I recommend my first book, 18 & Lost? So Were We (this reached No. 4 in Amazon Bestseller’s Australia… for like a day). In it I and eight other everyday people (not gurus or rich people) share our journeys of life after high school, to show you there’s no perfect path through life, career, university and what comes after.

Buy it here. You can also check out the two minute trailer.


To get a discount on orders of 50+ for your family, school, community or organisation, email me joe ‘at’ withjoewehbe dot com. I will organise shipping to you directly.  

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