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Hey there.


I’m Joe. I co-authored the book 18 & Lost? So Were We alongside seven other everyday people.


I co-founded and lead The Constant Student Community, which is all about changing education, and supporting those who want to change the world.


I am also one of the earliest outside investors in ThisApp, and hope to add to my belt a few more investments like this – supporting and growing initiatives that will help the world improve.


They say ideas aren’t worth 20 cents. They’re wrong. Underpinning all this, I try to turn confusing, high order ideas into tangible concepts, like The Thousand Doors, The Minimum Viable Lifestyle, The Audience-of-None and Gillage to name a few. This work is done in my podcast and blog.


My main themes are philosophy, uncertainty, education and investing. There is a lot of work to do, and luckily, I don’t have any grey hairs yet. There are many more books and other projects to come, but these are the things I do, the exercises. Now I want to tell you my story. That’s the real me.


My Story. 


Many moons ago, I left high school, started studying at university, and then got completely lost. I didn’t feel like I was living, but rather, that I was merely existing. Then, out of nowhere, a friend invited me to run a nonprofit with him and my life changed forever.


In the years that followed I started to notice that luck, fate, or whatever exists in between, was pushing me in a certain direction. Things happened that didn’t make sense, things aligned as if by the work of something greater than chance.


I started to believe that life was a journey lined by random Doors (with a capital ‘D’). Doors are the people you meet and the things you feel compelled to say yes to – and these Doors show you your way.


I have come to believe that each individual is here to uncover a unique discovery: that they have a slant of genius that no one else can offer, that there is something that only they can do. I believe my role is to open the Door that shows that thing to them – but only through their own Hero’s Journey out in the unknown.


Don’t call me an author, a podcaster, an entrepreneur, a writer, a storyteller, a thinker, an investor, an advisor or anything else. These only describe a tiny slither of what I do.


I am a Doorman. Just like any other Doorman, I open the Door to show you a place that might be for you, and whether you enter or not, you will soon forget me. As it should be.


Thanks for visiting my site, and remember, the best way to open a Thousand Doors for you is to concentrate on opening Doors for others.


Regards, The Doorman.


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