About Joe Wehbe

Let’s start with conversations for deep-thinkers that cut through the bs. Nothing off-limits.
There I was, riding down the highway of life, trying to figure out why I wasn’t enjoying things as much as I thought I should be. I left school wanting to be a filmmaker, but fear was getting in the way.
Then, a Door appeared. A friend of mine asked me to help him run a project he started in Nepal, and it nudged me down a different path. Around the same time I started a real estate business because, you know, why not.
If my time running a nonprofit organisation taught me anything, it’s that there are many ways to help people, and that sometimes what people really need is charity – and at other times, the thing that gets in the way, is also charity.
My friends and I shut down this nonprofit, and I got stuck into my real estate work. Once more, something was missing. That’s when I started writing – first, a book about the experiences in Nepal. After COVID, I started writing other things too – a book about leaving high school, and more recently a satirical fiction book about the workplace (and life).
I started a community as a way of tackling ‘the education problem,’ as well as a blog and podcast. When I look back at this work, I have very mixed feelings. I feel like I was trying too hard, like I was preaching, like I was pretending it was about others when really, it was about me.
Quite ironic when my motto was, ‘the best way to open a Thousand Doors for you is to concentrate on opening Doors for others.’
I like to call myself a Doorman – I have a deep fascination with human beings, storytelling in many forms, and a long-term interest in developing understanding of ourselves and the world around us, amongst myself and others. I try to ‘open Doors for people,’ (often literally, as a property agent). Whether people walk through or not, is up to them.
I hope you enjoy my little world, and don’t forget to keep opening Doors for others.
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