About Joe Wehbe

Let’s start with conversations for deep-thinkers that cut through the bs. Nothing off-limits.

Here is a three minute video that gives a little insight into me.

I end every podcast episode by saying “The best way to open a thousand doors for you is to concentrate on opening doors for others”. If you concentrate more on creating value for those around you and out in the world, then it will return more value to you.


My work is facilitating Thousand Doors journeys for people, making them understand that compounding returns and journeys come by opening doors for others.

The greatest compliment I’ve ever been given was:

“You’re pursuing purpose, yet, it’s not at the expense of being available for the people you care about. That’s a difficult balance to strike, and I think you strike it better than anyone I’ve met.”

Who am I? I’m a podcaster, a writer, a businessman, a creative, a connector, a friend but above all…

I’m a Doorman.

The most important daily principle is The Minimum Viable Lifestyle
The system and movement is The Thousand Doors
The vision is Gillage – My Perfect Village

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