About Joe Wehbe

Let’s start with conversations for deep-thinkers that cut through the bs. Nothing off-limits.

I’m a thinker and a doorman. I help people think without-the-box, take risks, connect with themselves and open doors for others.

We’re currently doing this with the book 18 & Lost? So Were We and our little education revolution with The Constant Student Community



Once upon a time I studied psychology at university, but I didn’t finish.
I’ve led nonprofit teams and a real estate company.
Now my work is in education – facilitating self-directed, peer-driven and project-focused learning (because that’s what works best, is more fun).
We’re also reducing the gap between the places we learn and the real-world outcomes we all want; monetising and contributing to important missions and movements.

Why should you care? 

Education, and how we think, is the single biggest lever we have to impact our culture. If you think our culture and way of life is perfect, then no problem, no need to read further.
We are wired towards certainty, we are predisposed to the path that appears linear. But great contribution, great work, great relationships, great careers and great journeys do not come from the linear. They come from the Thousand Doors. From embracing a bit of uncertainty.
From reaching a bit further.

How can I serve you?

I have a podcast, an active blog, and book(s) on this site. They each share ideas that can open important Doors for you (and those you care about). I recommend some of these:
Thousand Doors, The Minimum Viable Lifestyle, The Audience-of-None and Gillage.

Thanks for visiting, and remember, the best way to open a Thousand Doors for you is to concentrate on opening Doors for others.

Regards, The Doorman.

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