Should you start a podcast? As hard as it is to give generic, best-for-all advice, the answer is probably yes. There's not many things I can say that about, but a podcast is probably one of them.   I launched the With Joe Wehbe Podcast about 11 months ago. I made 121 daily episodes, then stopped for eight months, but now I'm excited to start publishing episodes again.   It's been a very unorthodox podcast journey, but one I'm proud of. Without major reach and distribution yet, so many positives have come from it. In that vein, the below are just 32 of the many

My mother went to her Doctor and mentioned she was having memory problems from time to time. So, the Doctor gave her some supplements that were supposed to help her improve.   She was driving away, when her friend turned to her and asked, 'where are your pills?'   Mum gasped, 'I forgot them!'   The Memory Pill Problem   Thanks to Mum, who gave me the perfect example of this to write about, 'the memory pill problem' can be used to understand a lot of marketing and problem-solving situations. It's the case where the problem takes the customer away from solutions, rather than towards them.   Solution Approaching Problems   When

What is the best way to sing?   What is the best way to sing? Beyonce Knowles sings very differently to Barbara Streisand, who sings differently to Freddy Mercury, and his singing was very different to Adele's. Each has risen to great heights by doing things their respective way.   So what's the best way to sing? What's the consensus?   What is the best way to steer a soccer team to victory?   Pep Guardiola’s teams hoard possession, press hard and break teams down. And they’ve won it all. But then there’s Jose Mourinho’s teams who are the stark opposite. They're defensively tight, less sexy, less glamorous. They’ve won

It is almost impossible to change someone’s mind when you confront them in an argument. To change people’s mind, the art of convincing, is much more effectively done by leading the horse to water.    By making them feel like it was their idea.    Inception, the 2010 sci-fi film by Christopher Nolan follows a mischievous group who try to convince man called Robert Fischer (played by Cilian Murphy) to dissolve his dying father’s company.    But they must convince him that it is his idea, and to do this, they infiltrate his subconscous.    The journey deep into Robert’s mind   What I love about Inception is that it

As Jordan B. Peterson says, each of us is connected to somewhere around a thousand people.  Maybe a little less. Maybe a little more.    That’s pretty good, maybe not incredible, but pretty good.  But each of those people is probably connected to a thousand people as well, and now the math gets very impressive, because a thousand times a thousand is a million.    That’s significant. Then what about your third degree connections? A billion.  If what you’re doing is incredible, then reaching some of those people is free.    What are the chances that the next person you need is buried somewhere in those obscure connections?  How can

  There’s a terrible myth that we’ve been conditioned on. Well really there’s several.  I’m referring mainly to this idea that, to get anywhere, we have to hustle at 100% intensity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!   Consistency Over Intensity That can’t be right. Here’s Firas Zahabi on Joe Rogan talking about the importance of consistency over intensity The principle is simple. If you train today at 10/10 but are too sore to train for two days, that is an inferior return to training every day at 7/10.  Don’t forget as well, you’ll find it easier to train, work, create or whatever if

- Frederick Maitland   In the 1990’s, Apple was a sinking ship. In 1985 Steve Jobs, the famous entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple had been famously removed, but in 1996, the visionary was brought back.  Jobs led a Normandy-size rescue campaign and brought Apple back from the brink of disaster. How did he do it? There were of course many factors, but one which cannot be overlooked was a particular principle, a principle that was just as present in Jobs’ everyday life as it was in the salvation of Apple.    Simplicity You’ve heard the tales before, no doubt - Jobs’ apartment was so basic and minimalist

We need sharing that is done more intentionally.    Connectors Some people are connectors. Connectors see two great things and bring them together.  Connectors think of you when they read, listen to, or see something that you would love, that you would get use from. They introduce you to special people, special opportuntiies, and special things. Our world lacks connection. Our world needs more connectors… and, what’s important to know, connection is a positive sum game. The rising tide lifts all boats.   If you don’t have a connector in your life you’re missing out. If you’re not acting as a connector yourself, you, and those around you,

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