I left high school thinking I would become one of the greatest film directors of all time. I pictured myself winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actor in a Lead Role all in one fell swoop before the age of thirty.    To me, that was the way to go down as the greatest and stand out from everyone else who’d ever worked in film: To do what no one else has done, all before the age of thirty. As such, achieving all this before thirty became an ESSENTIAL, a REQUIREMENT.    Failing to live up to this

A short while ago my friend Pat found a speech I’d done for him when we graduated high school. He sent me a picture of the speech, sending love, and captioned it ‘simpler times’.    Perhaps life was simpler when we were at high school. Now, as adults, we have more responsibilities and are charged with confronting the full complexity of the world. Do any of us reach the heights we expect to hit when we leave high school?    Do any of us anticipate the bumps and disappointments on the road?    In the West, we celebrate our youth and are told to make the

You are not born with control of your own life. You are born with the illusion of control.    Have you ever seen the opening credits for the Simpsons?    See the most important section here.    Young Maggie thinks she is driving the car in this section. We the audience, from our perspective, think ourselves that she is driving.    However the following shots indicate that her steering wheel is in fact a toy, a dummy, a fake. Her mother Marge is in fact driving.    Note - two episodes of the With Joe Wehbe Podcast are available on this blog topic if you prefer video, audio or if

We’ve recently discussed the war that’s been raging for 70,000 years for control.    For control of what? Control of nature. Of you.    Natural Selection vs. Humanity.    We discussed how the Cognitive Revolution drastically shaped the way our culture and environment evolve over time, how it changed all the rules.    The problem is, our biology cannot evolve as fast as the world we craft.    Animals of all shapes and varieties have found over time the value in building shelters from larger prey. Humanity is no different.    We are not the fastest, not the largest and do not have the sharpest teeth or claws. But we mobilise groups

Imagine it this way.    Natural Selection is the only shareholder of a global business called All Living Things. Well for however many millions or thousands of years, Natural Selection called all the shots.    And it was working well. But then, one of its subsidiaries decided it wanted a competitive advantage. It didn't want to be contained by the circle of life with a lowly step in the food-chain. It wanted more of an advantage, at which point it discovered something that enabled it to take its destiny into its own hands.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdUplN3MuMQ   The subsidiary was called Humanity. That discovery was The Cognitive Revolution.    This took place

“When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work. I told here I worked at the college - that my job was to teach people how to draw. Share stared back at me, incredulous, and said, ‘You mean they forget?" - Howard Ikemoto.    Unforgetting.    When you’re ready to unforget, I’ll be right here.    I want to ask you two very personal questions today.    The first, what are you afraid of doing?    The second is, what don’t you know how to do?    There are many answers.    But I’m curious if there are things we never learned to do, or if we

I learned not long ago that sitting alone in a room trying to think was a fool’s errand.    I think much better when my subconscious is mulling things over, when I’m in the shower and when I go for walks.    But the most powerful instance of unlocking new ideas is when I’m locked in fascinating conversations with others.    Introducing the Third Mind   This concept is inspired by the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which discusses how when two people talk, the room is taken up by three minds.    The mind of Person One.    The mind of Person Two.    And then the Third Mind -

The Slingshot Principle.    Steve Jobs is famous for telling us that we ‘can’t connect the dots going forward’. The Co-Founder of Apple was dropping out of college but took a course in calligraphy when exploring things.    He later reflected how valuable that class was in shaping the creative fonts that would go on to distinguish Apple’s typefaces going forward. The funny thing is, no entrepreneurship or business course will ever teach or emphasise the importance of calligraphy.    When Jobs was later ousted from Apple, he went on to create another incredible company - Pixar, which was responsible for timeless classic films like Toy

Have you ever been terrified by the prospect of speaking to a pretty girl or guy at a bar? When I was a teenager, I was terrified of awkward silences and speaking to girls. Not just a bit scared or apprehensive, but terrified.    For podcast episodes on Astro The Dog see episodes #011-#013 of the With Joe Wehbe Podcast.  Youtube Episodes: #011 Part One #012 Part Two #013 Part Three   In saying that, I was generally a very confident public speaker    After all, I did this from a young age. But I’ve met other people who are very confident in conversation but their ultimate

The greatest things in life cannot be pursued directly. They must happen incidentally.  The greatest rewards in life cannot be pursued - they must ensue.  I call this, ‘The Law of Ensuement’.    The Thousand Doors Theory   My central framework for journeys through life is understood as the Thousand Doors Theory. The theory suggests, we use the Thousand Doors System to reach the most remarkable places because the most remarkable places live in the unknown.    When we turn down one ‘door’ or one opportunity in life, we so often fail to recognise that it is the First of a Thousand Doors - the other nine-hundred and

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