For corresponding podcast episodes check out #016-#018 of the With Joe Wehbe Podcast.  Youtube Episodes: #016 Maslow's Hierarchy, #017 The Comfort Ladder, #018 The Luxury Trap   My Dad gave me a nickname growing up… Princess   The Princess nickname referred to my cushioned upbringing and complete inability to get my hands dirty. To this day, I am not a hands-on guy, and I don’t do physical labour well.    So it’s pretty emasculating to compare myself to my grandfathers, who were both hard-working immigrants who DEFINITELY got their hands dirty.  Growing up I was ever-grateful that they paved the way for our family in Australia, not me,

Charity Wealth Success Career Work Happiness Depression Comfort Freedom God Investing   Take a second and ask - what do these words mean to you?   I find these words to be some of the most significant words, concepts and ideas in our culture, but equally, that people all have a very different idea of what each term means and refers to.  This becomes a problem when we are having a conversation and assume that our conversation partner uses the same definition we do.    It makes sense to 1) write your own glossary of these words, as well as 2) figure out the glossary of someone else you are in dialogue with.    Take note of the following

It was a Sunday afternoon in Sydney, I was sitting in a group of my closest friends and I was not saying a single word.    They were talking about life at their workplace - a big, global company, and concentrating on all the negatives.    Some crazy things had been going on. Conditions and pay had changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak globally, and there was a scandal in the news that implicated everyone in the company.    You see in this scandal, everyone in the company had cheated on a compliance test - everyone from management down to the juniors and grads.    I sat there

It was August 2010 and I was teetering with nervous excitement.    It was the opening night of our school play - an Oscar Wilde classic called The Importance of Being Ernest. I was playing a female character and cross-dressing for the role, starring as the dithering ‘Miss Prism’.    My dream at the time was to take the world by storm by writing stories, acting in them and making films. So on this night, I felt the penultimate excitement of my debut, the first time I was really performing live.    Before call time, I snuck out from the dressing room to the dark, empty

This is based off a Future Shapers talk I gave. See here.    Imagine it this way.    Pretend Natural Selection is the majority shareholder of a global business called Humanity. Well for however many millions or thousands of years, Natural Selection called all the shots.    And it was working well. The silent shareholder, the one who held only 10% voting rights could be just that - silent.    The silent business partner is called the Conscious Self. The part of Humanity that is more aware and fine-tuned.    Now these two business partners hit a bust up and have been at war ever since - that bust up

My friend Andrew has done many things. He kicked off a podcast (no scratch that, a movement) that connects strangers.   He also talks about The Three Levels of Life.    Picture this.   A girl is born into a plantation as a slave. She is never chained, or held back. But all she does is follow the rules, because that’s all she’s ever been told to do. Even though there is nothing physically stopping her, she has been hardwired to follow the rules. As such she never leaves the plantation.    This is the first level: Following the rules you've been given. No matter how crazy they

“I want to read more” “I want to drink less”   Well, when I was eighteen, I wanted to get ripped.  I left school thin and scrawny, so top of the list for post-school life was to get ripped and impress girls.    So I joined a gym.    And I only went every-so often. The first time you go to the gym I’m afraid to say is absolutely terrifying. You don’t know how to use any of the equipment and are afraid of looking like a fool on a very public stage.    Then one day, I realised my friend Carl had signed up at the same gym. As

Today's message comes not from me, but from a friend. Wilson lives in Nigeria and we met recently on a course together. When he was reflecting on the below writing piece, he discussed how he'd never been so open and vulnerable before. His piece is titled "You can't truly see others if you can't see yourself" and I hope you enjoy it. Of the many things I drew from this piece of writing, I was particularly taken by the line "I have always struggled with choosing myself". It begs the question. How many of us are given permission when we are growing up to

In a remarkable workshop called the Akimbo Emerging Leaders Program, by Seth Godin and others, a fascinating take on leadership is presented.    Leadership is to say, “I’m going over there, who’s going with me?”.    Simple, eloquent… and powerful. It forces us to ask, who can we get to go with us? Why would anyone who is already here want to go there?   Famous leaders marched on Washington, they marched against genocide, they marched against Apartheid, they led brave companies and they created new things that people were all willing to follow, to march alongside.    People all followed THE leader.   But what about the opposite?    Ernesto Sirolli,

Boring. Geeky. Vanilla. Yet, it is the very building block of your thinking and learning optimisation.   Welcome to the under-appreciated yet PRICELESS art of note-taking.    Note: I would never have thought to make a post on this if it weren’t for the recommendation of Scott McKeon - so I have him to thank for this very public display of my nerdiness.    I have a very unique approach to note-taking across many areas of my life, from reading to documenting events and stories… then using them in unusual ways going forward.    Until Scott pointed it out, I never thought of the potential of this

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