There you were, sitting down and minding your own business, when someone stole your dream partner. This opened a door, and in came Jealousy to visit you.   Jealousy had big thirsty eyes and was wearing too many clothes (none of which they owned, all of which they’d borrowed). And around Jealousy you always envied what others had, and always thought everything you did have was bland and boring.   So you asked Jealousy, ‘Jealousy, what should I do about this jealous feeling I have?’   And Jealousy said, ‘Go out, get more money! Become more successful! Become happier, and then so-and-so whatever his/her name was,’

  A group of people saw a boulder at the bottom of a great hill. They tried one by one to push it up, but none of them could.   They went away to lift small boulders, building up their strength, but when they came back to the big boulder still none could push it up the hill.     A skinny man with a big head, and his friend who was called ‘the Idiot’, watched them.   ‘I bet I can get that boulder up the hill!’ said the Skinny Man, and the Idiot said, ‘I don’t know about that, but don’t worry, I don’t know much.’   The

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