As I always say, 'all advice is bad advice'.   Because no matter how smart or 'successful' they are, no one is you.   Therefore, they can't give you perfect advice. Almost no one effectively contextualises the advice they give to your situation.   The social media influencers give young people the first steps to becoming like them. Business people give young people the first steps to becoming like them.   Coders believe everyone should learn code at school, philosophers believe everyone should learn philosophy at school. Parents instruct their children to complete the narratives they could never close out, more often than they sit down and do Interest

What is the best way to sing?   What is the best way to sing? Beyonce Knowles sings very differently to Barbara Streisand, who sings differently to Freddy Mercury, and his singing was very different to Adele's. Each has risen to great heights by doing things their respective way.   So what's the best way to sing? What's the consensus?   What is the best way to steer a soccer team to victory?   Pep Guardiola’s teams hoard possession, press hard and break teams down. And they’ve won it all. But then there’s Jose Mourinho’s teams who are the stark opposite. They're defensively tight, less sexy, less glamorous. They’ve won

It became clear to me recently how important priorities are. There are always a range of values and important ideas we hold at once - but how do we manage the competition and tension between values, ideas, and the things we want to achieve?    What do you do when you can’t have it all? When forced to decide between two priorities that come head-to-head?   This got me thinking about how I rank my priorities. These priorities direct decision-making and the energy which I give to all the different items in my bucket.    I listed some of the important things I value that determine

If you just joined us, you may not be familiar that we are all born in the passenger seat of life, and that it is a deliberate choice to become the driver - to choose our own direction, rather than following the path others give us as default. You might not be aware of your Audience-of-None - of what you’d do, be it a job, hobby, or interest, if no one ever saw it. I have a few, my favorite of which is writing - if no one ever read a word I wrote, I’d still write till my dying day. You

When I was just four years old, I wanted a Woody toy. He was my favourite character from the Disney film Toy Story.    Though if I’d been born in 1980, or 1880, I wouldn’t have wanted a ‘Woody’.    We know a lot about early civilisation from cave paintings and archaeological research. Without ever having read a book on this subject, I can safely say that despite the many records on cave walls, there are no paintings of Ferraris or Lamborghinis by cavemen.    I think it’s because cavemen did not appreciate fast cars.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLfkdIdPKpI When I was a bit older, maybe ten this time, I saw

I learned not long ago that sitting alone in a room trying to think was a fool’s errand.    I think much better when my subconscious is mulling things over, when I’m in the shower and when I go for walks.    But the most powerful instance of unlocking new ideas is when I’m locked in fascinating conversations with others.    Introducing the Third Mind   This concept is inspired by the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which discusses how when two people talk, the room is taken up by three minds.    The mind of Person One.    The mind of Person Two.    And then the Third Mind -

This piece extends from Without-The-Box Thinking and unpacks a second-step, How to think through boxes. You are best served reading that piece first.     As I always say - “All advice is bad advice”. All that changes is the degree to which advice is bad. Because, no matter how wise or without-the-box the thinker you receive advice from, no one is you.    Therefore no one can ever give you advice that is absolutely perfect - they will always be giving you some form of box.     Even Without-The-Box Thinking is bad advice, for it is a box itself.    Welcome to the Matrix! The irony of Without-The-Box Thinking

Why do we celebrate the “Fastest growing company”? Why are we excited by the “fastest growing economy”?   We talk about growth as if it were something that is always good. What a silly rule-of-thumb.  Is there an award for the fastest growing cancer?    Andre the Giant grew fast and large. And he was lost early.    Why ‘grow’ when we can be ‘better’ instead?   What if you GROW your audience but at the cost of quality? What if you GROW your business but distance yourself from the customer, and tank the culture?  What if you GROW your economy but life, in trying to keep up with rising costs, becomes

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