When I was in my late teens, I didn’t really understand that entrepreneurship could be a path for me. It just seemed like this thing Richard Branson (creator of Virgin) did. It didn’t seem accessible even though I read his book and learnt about his story.    I remember another moment when I was at university studying psychology. We did this unit on consumer psychology and I thought about how fascinating that would be as a career path, but I was in a bind. My dream had been, for however long, to be a filmmaker and not a psychologist.    I looked at these

Imagine your life one year from now.   You cannot be certain that you’ll have more money than you do now. Incomes rise and fall, markets change overnight, and you never know what is lurking around the corner. Your job can go, the banking system can collapse, and everything you’ve saved and worked hard for can be wiped away in an instant. And you may be sufficiently diversified. You may listen to Ray Dalio, you may have a few piles of gold, and your fat-bellied, horn-rimmed glasses-wearing financial advisor might tell you at your appointments that everything is in order. But even

Define: Conversation Sex The experience of deeply rewarding and pleasurable conversation, consisting of selfless penetration and climax. Requires at least two participants - can try to do it on your own but never the same. The Importance Of Conversation Sex One thing that has become clear to me is our need for Conversation Sex in society. I’m uniquely positioned to see this now that my writing and podcast are firmly out there, as these topics trigger the most deep and fascinating conversations with people. Fact: Most people are not having enough Conversation Sex. It’s unhealthy and unnatural. As a result, I find myself

We should all ask what we want to do with our lives. We should all ask who we want to be.    But we should not expect to find one single and simple answer to that question. I can’t think of anything worse.     Why should you be only one thing?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ng9OduLP6c The pressure you might feel to be just ‘one thing’ in your life and in your society is based on a very limited style of ‘Box Thinking’. We fell into, some time ago, a way of thinking about social roles that is not set in stone - but it feels like it is.    Instead of

Tips on Buying a Car (Though I’ve never bought my own).    Imagine that university degrees are like cars.  Because a car is for sale you assume that it’s in perfect working order - but when you take it for a drive on the freeway you find that it blows out, breaks down, or if you’re really unlucky, crashes! It turns out that you drove the car incorrectly, that it wasn’t meant to be used that way, and the car had a few handling problems that the salesperson didn’t tell you about.    It’s easy to blame the car salesperson   It’s easy to blame the car salesperson

Boring. Geeky. Vanilla. Yet, it is the very building block of your thinking and learning optimisation.   Welcome to the under-appreciated yet PRICELESS art of note-taking.    Note: I would never have thought to make a post on this if it weren’t for the recommendation of Scott McKeon - so I have him to thank for this very public display of my nerdiness.    I have a very unique approach to note-taking across many areas of my life, from reading to documenting events and stories… then using them in unusual ways going forward.    Until Scott pointed it out, I never thought of the potential of this

Dear Reader,    If this is your first time reading - hello! How are you?    If you’ve been here often, welcome back! Thanks for sticking with me so far.    I thought today I should make a point about all this writing that may not be so obvious from your seat.    From my end though, I would like to share a little point. You see, the blog appears to be all about me trying to teach things, spread things, propose things or put things forward.    Did you ever consider that, in fact, a powerful reason for the blog is to help my own learning?   Indeed, it’s true.    Writing about

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