There is no such thing as a truly independent individual achievement.   At the Academy Awards, an individual wins Best Actor or Actress — whether it's Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew McConaughey or Meryl Streep, they always thank the people that helped get them there (and they always run out of time).   Then the music starts, trying to drown them out — symbolic of a culture where want one champion. It's our own version of the hunger games — 'there can only be one victor'. Only one name goes on the history books for Best Actor, Best Actress. The other names, the ones that got

The two year rule, stated simply, is that if you want your money back in two years, don't invest. It was stated by legendary investor Peter Lynch.   We, of course, take a broader view of investing. In addition to money, we also invest time, effort and energy.   If you want your returns in less than two years, you have too much short-term thinking. You lack the persistence required to succeed.   The same can be said of entrepreneurship, because every entrepreneurial or creative endeavour is an investment.   If you're not willing to stick with the drop-shipping store, Instagram page, podcast or blog for two years,

From time to time, you'll come across those people who advertise — "I'm incredibly self-aware" they say.   But no one who is truly self-aware brags about or emphasise how self-aware they are.   No, that gift of self-awareness is the gift of knowing how much you do not know.   They think they are a step above everyone else, that they don't fall into the same traps as the everyday muggle. But really they have replaced their need to satisfy their ego with money and status with advertising how 'enlightened' they are.   As usual, those who push anything too hard are compensating, are insecure.   You'll notice that

Most of us look for a map to follow. I suspect we have all been guilty of wanting to see the path laid out before us, with no hidden bends or unfinished roads.   But as it is with real-world expeditions, you need to go off road.   No great learning or solution can be laid out step-by-step-by-step. The Thousand Doors is the truth that your real future lies hidden, out of sight, and requires you to Open Doors.   There is no fool-proof process, no journey free from obstacles. If you're being creative and daring, there are very few relevant best practices.   Nothing worthwhile is straightforward.   Stop

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth   Courtesy of https://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/blog/5-joseph-campbell-quotes-for-initiating-a-personal-heros-journey/ This is one of many Joseph Campbell quotes that speaks to our innate desire to set forth on a path that, on an outer level, resonates with our inner-realities or souls. To Campbell, a

If you don't have time to set your priorities, then you have outsourced your time management to what's been thrown at you.   As your time is finite, this means, you've outsourced your life. You're making the mistake they made on United Airlines Flight 173 (which crashed).   Your most important system is the one you use to manage your time.   If you don't have a system, that means you've resorted to the default.   The default browser on your computer is not necessarily the best one for you. The default career path, the one your culture pointed you towards, is not necessarily the best one for

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