Fake Self-Awareness

From time to time, you’ll come across those people who advertise — “I’m incredibly self-aware” they say.


But no one who is truly self-aware brags about or emphasise how self-aware they are.


No, that gift of self-awareness is the gift of knowing how much you do not know.


They think they are a step above everyone else, that they don’t fall into the same traps as the everyday muggle. But really they have replaced their need to satisfy their ego with money and status with advertising how ‘enlightened’ they are.


As usual, those who push anything too hard are compensating, are insecure.


You’ll notice that people who are fake self-aware have what is called a very dark shadow… deep down, they have a deep craving for things like money, status, attention and validation, but they bundle it up with ‘prosocial’ or seemingly honest works.


They most commonly inhabit the personal development world, as usual, which has been renamed to avoid the stigma associated with ‘life coaching’. They are loud and noisy on social media. They crave high energy environments, but lack discipline and consistency.


A personal development junky is still a junky.


The self-aware, in contrast, sit in a quiet corner of the world, with no need to advertise, make noise or recruit others to their hullabaloo. They go about their business quietly.


So, be aware of the fake self-aware — they actively recruit you to their path, their way, instead of helping you find your own.


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