Everyone wants it to be like a Train Station.    They want to come in in a mob, punch a ticket, and then go on through.    To every problem, they want a train ticket solution.   The Afterlife.    The train to the afterlife.    To catch it, do you simply have to show up to your temple once a week? Does your hypocrisy outside the temple not matter?    Do you believe that if you show up, hold out your ticket, you get to go onboard?    Can you catch the train instead of living by true values?    Success.    The train to success.    Do you just show up in the crowd with all the others,

We live, each of us, in two worlds. One is visible, the other is invisible. One is determined only by others, the other is determined only by us. One is the focus of the West, the other is the focus of the East. Both are important. Both are different. And they are completely unrelated from one another. Success in one rarely relates to success in the other. Some people thrive in one but struggle in the other. Heath Ledger. Robin Williams. Michael Jackson. Amy Winehouse. The list of celebrities who were known to be troubled or took their own lives is countless. “But they had it all”

We all play games. We can choose the games but choosing not to play games itself is not an option. If you believe you are an exception, this simply means that you are not aware of the games you are playing.   Being aware of the games you’re playing always boosts your odds of 1) winning or 2) choosing better games. Today we’ll be discussing one of the most common and ensnaring forms of games in our culture.   Status Games   People often say “I don’t care about money” and “I’m not doing it for the money”. We scrutinise people for the pursuit and

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