How to Win the Game

They raced ahead and made it further up the mountain.


But when they looked back, all they saw was the trail of destruction they left in their wake to get there.


The path was lined with the skeletons of all those they climbed over.


At that moment they longed to go back and try again, but it was too late. Their time had been spent.


I didn’t reach the peak of the mountain they climbed.


I found a detour, and followed it. Suddenly I came to a quiet opening that looked out over a peaceful valley.


Creatures surrounded me and chirped away, and the wind whistled in harmony around us.


I could see the whole world, and my path up the mountain. I looked back and smiled at my journey, at the lows and highs delicately stitched together on the path that had been.


Some of us are lucky to learn that the game is not won by climbing highest, but by smiling longest.


And at each stage there is always something to smile at.


Those running ahead of me realised too late that they’d missed the point the whole way along.


For they looked at it as a competitive game. But I looked at it as a journey.


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