A group of people saw a boulder at the bottom of a great hill. They tried one by one to push it up, but none of them could.   They went away to lift small boulders, building up their strength, but when they came back to the big boulder still none could push it up the hill.     A skinny man with a big head, and his friend who was called ‘the Idiot’, watched them.   ‘I bet I can get that boulder up the hill!’ said the Skinny Man, and the Idiot said, ‘I don’t know about that, but don’t worry, I don’t know much.’   The

Everything in life tastes better with non-attachment. Romantic relationships, friendships, health, career, your goals (if you’re foolish enough to have them)… you can’t even get too caught up in the search for Enlightenment and meaning. You'd be reading a self-help book, and then next thing you know, you're a twenty-one year-old life coach.   But there’s a problem with the English Language — we’re missing levels within words. The middle zone is one I’ve come to call ‘The Goldilocks Zone’ — the place of non-attachment.     Don't see the value in 'goals'?   When you say to someone ‘I don’t see the value in goals’ or

There's nothing more annoying than receiving spam, marketing dm's and cold calls, right?   There you are minding your own business and working hard, trying to get towards your goals, when someone who's managed to find your number or email pierces through and distracts you during your day.   It's annoying when people waste your time and take away your energy, just to push their agenda. I received one such message the other day and decided that enough was enough.   Hey Joe, Isaac here

My cousin Tony walked into a Porsche dealership one day when he visiting Sydney from his native Lebanon. Now Tony, you must be warned, is a bit of a character — he has a shiny bald head, speaks in broken English, and has a penchant for the ridiculous. On his visit to the dealership the car salesman at Porsche greets him, and asks his name. Tony answers 'Tony Sajir' — immediately the car salesman's eyes light up with dollar signs. Lebanese-Australians with that last name, in this part of Sydney, are known to have disposable income lying around.   Tony is like a

I was out for dinner the other night and I was fielding a few questions as to why I wasn’t drinking.    I realised recently that I didn’t want to drink alcohol anymore. I haven’t missed it so far. It turns out I didn’t need it anymore.    What ensued was a very healthy conversation about the role of drinking in our culture and our lives.    Mr. Alcohol   If there had once existed a person called ‘Mr. Alcohol’ who invented the suite of alcoholic drinks, then this person has done quite well in placing his product at the heart of almost every social ritual.    Birthdays. Weddings. Long

Forbes is refusing to do an article on me.    Despite frequent emails, submissions and protests. My contention is, I’m one of the richest men in the world. But they refuse to recognise it.    Here’s their latest email.    13th September 2020. Subject: Reply to ‘Stop leaving me off Wealth Lists’ - Joe Wehbe   Dear Mr. Wehbe.    We appreciate your continued correspondence and persistence, but we must ask you to respectfully cease communication on this topic.    Whilst you have an abundance of this ‘real currency’ - as you call it, this is not a currency that can be factored into your net wealth. In fact, your net wealth

I didn’t do it. So you’re going to do it for me. Said the crazy tennis parent to their child.    Crazy Tennis Parent Syndrome is real and affects at least 1 in every 5 parents of above average tennis players.  The illness, which has no known cure, tends to emerge most noticeably in parents when children reach the ages of around nine-to-ten years old.    It manifests itself in consistent and belligerent verbal abuse whilst spectating the tennis matches of their young children. Arguing with prepubescent children over line calls is also quite common.    In extreme cases, sufferers of Crazy Tennis Parent Syndrome make exorbitant investments

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