Rule 2/3 of the Constant Student Community is, 'never say the word 'busy' (Joe will lose it)'.   In modern society, 'busy' is a state of total distraction from the truth.   It's a total distraction from what's important.   It's a badge of honor to be able to say 'yeh mate, been busy'. We derive pleasure from being able to say that we don't have time. But what a ridiculous notion, to not have time?   A 19 times bestselling author received a manuscript for my book on a Saturday, and sent me back a blurb on the following Wednesday. For me and my co-authors, absolute no-names,

If you don't have time to set your priorities, then you have outsourced your time management to what's been thrown at you.   As your time is finite, this means, you've outsourced your life. You're making the mistake they made on United Airlines Flight 173 (which crashed).   Your most important system is the one you use to manage your time.   If you don't have a system, that means you've resorted to the default.   The default browser on your computer is not necessarily the best one for you. The default career path, the one your culture pointed you towards, is not necessarily the best one for

It's 2:47pm on Sunday afternoon, 7th March 2021 and I'm about to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. I have computed a hypothetical journey into Transport NSW's Trip Planner; getting from St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney to Mystery Bay, which is a coastal area in NSW to visit my friend, by public transport. The journey that gets me there earliest begins 3 minutes from now and is detailed below. If you examine the itinerary carefully, there is a critical flaw somewhere. Let's see if you can find it.   Here's my journey to Mystery Bay:   2:50pm Walk 10 minutes from St. Mary's Cathedral to Castlereagh St

Though I’m a staunch critic of education and schooling, my own time at school was an amazing experience overall. The thing I loved most was the sense of community and being able to see around a hundred people I genuinely loved every single day.    It Was A Great System   The beauty with school was that I never had to arrange to see people. It just happened.    We all showed up to the same campus five days a week and for sport on Saturdays. Our lives were beautifully interwoven as we did a whole range of activities together; I had some friends I did

I would be terrified to count my total Playstation-playing hours per year when I first left school. I always wanted to spend more time making short films in my left over time from studying but the temptation to go out and party, or sit on the Playstation for hours on end often got the better of me.    I saw the value in doing something more creative and productive with my time - but I rarely found the intentionality to do so.    A Football Team Can Only Have Eleven Players On The Field At Any One Time   There was only one game I used

You know what the biggest obstacle is to selling a home? As a real estate agent (or ‘broker’ for my American friends), I can tell you for sure.    It’s not the market.    It’s not the time of year and it’s not the weather.   It’s the client.    Funnily enough, the client, the one selling, is usually the biggest obstacle. They very often stand in their own way. Though more specifically than 'the client', it is more accurately, the client's biased and inherently flawed view on how to understand value.    Everyone thinks their house is Xanadu   It’s called ‘The Endowment Effect’ - where people value something more highly just

The fact is that you invest your time. The same way famous investors like Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are investing, so are you. But the most important resource you’re trading with is not financial capital, but your own time.    This is factual. It is not a questionable reality.    The only uncertainty is whether you are aware of it or not.   We have talked recently about the kidnapping of Marshall Godeyemi, lessons from United Airlines Flight 173 and the Two Steps to Purchase a Slave in the 21st Century.    These lessons teach us one key thing - people are bad at managing

Buying a slave in the 21st century is needlessly frowned upon. I can assure you that there is a perfectly legal method of doing so and I will happily talk you through it today.    It doesn’t matter where you are in the world.    When I mention 21st century slavery I’m not talking about the swept-under-the-rug style of modern slavery, though I’ll forgive you for thinking of that. That slavery is not legal, the kind I’m referring to is.    It is not something happening in dirty and corrupt parts of the third world. It is happening on your street. Right now - I can

December 28, 1978. United Airlines Flight 173 takes off on its way to Portland, Oregon USA.    It has an experienced crew.    The captain is Malburn McBroom, aged fifty-two. The first officer, Rodrick Beebe, is forty-eight at the time. Flight engineer Forrest Mendenhall is the youngest of the trio at forty-one years of age.    All is going well. The aircraft approaches the airport at Portland and begins to lower its landing gear.    Suddenly there is a problem.    A shock ripples through the aircraft.    McBroom looks down at his equipment, and does not see an indicator that the landing gear has been lowered and clicked into place. Panic

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