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If you don’t have time to prioritise, you don’t have time

If you don’t have time to set your priorities, then you have outsourced your time management to what’s been thrown at you.


As your time is finite, this means, you’ve outsourced your life. You’re making the mistake they made on United Airlines Flight 173 (which crashed).


Your most important system is the one you use to manage your time.


If you don’t have a system, that means you’ve resorted to the default.


The default browser on your computer is not necessarily the best one for you. The default career path, the one your culture pointed you towards, is not necessarily the best one for you.


Don’t forget the bucket, which is to say, what you’re doing right now might not be your final destination… it may just be a step along the way.


Always leave at least 20% of your time to think about and process what the universe is sending your way.


If you use every second of the day for ‘work’, like a typical Western fool, you’re keeping yourself too busy to think clearly.


Thinking clearly is almost the only thing you need to do.


Get off the treadmill. Enroll yourself into a system that gives you more time.

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