We should all ask what we want to do with our lives. We should all ask who we want to be.    But we should not expect to find one single and simple answer to that question. I can’t think of anything worse.     Why should you be only one thing?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ng9OduLP6c The pressure you might feel to be just ‘one thing’ in your life and in your society is based on a very limited style of ‘Box Thinking’. We fell into, some time ago, a way of thinking about social roles that is not set in stone - but it feels like it is.    Instead of

Click www.facebook.com/ads/preferences   If you have Facebook, then this link communicates what Facebook thinks your interests are! If you find them funny, feel free to post them and tag @with_joewehbe with #interestmapping.    But the real question is, are you going to let others, be they friends, family or social media sites - tell you what your interests are? Or are you going to craft them for yourself?   Interest Mapping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF1auVX6F1c Interest Mapping is a ten minute exercise that helps you unlock the potential of your life, by revealing to you the things you can most passionately and intrinsically work on.    Credit for it goes to my good

Have you heard the one about the pirate who chased the horizon?    There was once a young boy from a small coastal village, who used to dance and play   From the moment he could walk and talk, skip and jump, the young boy found a love for the sea. He would take his friends on small boat rides in the creek, imagining brave adventures, singing and dancing along the way.    And everyone in the village celebrated in particular this young boy boy because he had a gift for sailing. They told him that he would change the maps of the world, that he

There was once an old man who lived in a cottage on the outskirts of town.    And let me tell you, the old man was a bastard.    He worked his way into a wheelchair by neglecting his health, and demanded everything of everyone. Most of all his son, who came by everyday to bring his elderly father fish and bread.    And almost everyday the old man would have something negative to say.    “You’re late”   “You were supposed to bring me rye, not plain”   “You were supposed to bring salmon, not tuna”.    “You’re not looking well boy. You’re looking unhealthy, overweight and sluggish. Doesn’t that wife feed you?”   “You’re

I’m not in the habit of collecting enemies but if I did want to torture someone I wouldn’t trick them into a one, two or three-out-of-ten lifestyle.   I’d trick them into a Six-Out-of-Ten-Life    When life is rated one or two, it’s so painful or horrible that you will not put up with it for long. You’ll make a change, move into another lane, another job, and avoid.    But what do you do when the needle hovers somewhere near, or just above the middle? It’s that awkward spot where you ask, is this it? Is it worth aiming higher? Is it possible to be

“I bet you feel loneliest after you leave a social gathering with your friends” I said to the young lady.    “YES!” She screamed back at me, with a glint in her eyes. As she shouted a couple of other people in the bar looked around at us to see what was going on, which was quite amusing.    But what said much more than that three-letter word was that glint in her eyes. It’s that glint that says, I’ve always felt this way and thought it was just me, that there was something wrong with me, but you’ve just shown me this is

Forbes is refusing to do an article on me.    Despite frequent emails, submissions and protests. My contention is, I’m one of the richest men in the world. But they refuse to recognise it.    Here’s their latest email.    13th September 2020. Subject: Reply to ‘Stop leaving me off Wealth Lists’ - Joe Wehbe   Dear Mr. Wehbe.    We appreciate your continued correspondence and persistence, but we must ask you to respectfully cease communication on this topic.    Whilst you have an abundance of this ‘real currency’ - as you call it, this is not a currency that can be factored into your net wealth. In fact, your net wealth

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