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Why you MUST Start Terribly, Fail and Learn Fast

If the thing we dream about or want to try doesn’t carry excessive danger or risk, then I’ve learned the best thing to do is to start terribly, fail and learn fast

Done is better than perfect, and anything is better than analysis paralysis. 

And, my worst times came when I was stuck doing nothing. 

I think that in life we will find the next stepping stone much easier if we continually do good things and meet new and open-minded people. 


Remember the principle of the thousand doors


So one of my simplest mantras, which I repeat over and over to myself: 


Start terribly, fail and learn fast … and then

Start terribly, fail and learn fast … and when that’s done

Start terribly, fail and learn fast some more. 


Who knows where exactly this will lead, but we do know it will lead somewhere great. 


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