The one thing you must take with you everywhere

Take a notepad with you everywhere you go.

You just don’t know when someone around you will say something that knocks your socks off, or blows a section of your mind open – BOOM!! -like dynamite.

The best way to live is as a constant student. I’ll repeat that.

The best way to live is as a constant student.

When we fall out of love with learning, with improving, we sacrifice compounding returns and we close our mind. When we close our mind, we risk getting left behind, simple as that.

I’m a voracious note-taker. On conversations, on books I read, on every single idea. I write down ideas for sitcoms, television shows, movies, businesses, articles, books, philosophies, songs and life.

My good friend Scott carries a notepad with him when he walks. I’m following the same habit.

You just never know when an apple will fall out of a tree and hit you on the head.

I would help anyone who carries a notepad around…

I know that person is committed to learning and improving, which means that they’re someone worth helping. If you’re carrying a notepad around, I’m sure you’ll do great things.

To carry around a notepad is to carry around a reminder that we must be students all the way through life, right up until the last page, crinkled and weathered by the sands of time, is turned.

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