How writing this helps me learn!

Dear Reader, 


If this is your first time reading – hello! How are you? 


If you’ve been here often, welcome back! Thanks for sticking with me so far. 


I thought today I should make a point about all this writing that may not be so obvious from your seat. 


From my end though, I would like to share a little point. You see, the blog appears to be all about me trying to teach things, spread things, propose things or put things forward


Did you ever consider that, in fact, a powerful reason for the blog is to help my own learning?


Indeed, it’s true. 


Writing about something is a form of very deep engagement. As they say, if you truly want to learn something, try teaching it. Writing helps me crystallise my learnings from reading, podcasts, thinking and other conversations. 


The more and more benefits I find from this activity which I so love – writing – the more and more worthwhile it is for me to do. 


The With Joe Wehbe Blog helps me learn, helps me share ideas, brings me a sense of peace, widens my competency, my community and my sense of clarity and it makes it easier for me to help people who come to me with a challenge.


This is something that, as part of the Time ROI and Learning ROI Frameworks I call Upside Stacking. Loading up more reasons, and potential benefits, to doing something, so that it streamlines what is important and aligns with who you are. 

How can you do some of your own upside stacking today? 

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