What was the best day of your life?

What was the best day of your life?


If you’re struggling to bring something to mind, don’t feel bad. I’m drawing blanks myself. 


Maybe it was a retreat I did at school in 2011 that opened me up to self-awareness. 


Maybe it was one of the days I spent in Nepal in 2018. 


Or maybe it was when the St George Illawarra Dragons won the 2010 Grand Final, after so many years of near misses. 


Actually, something is coming to mind. 


It was my 21st birthday. 2nd October, 2015. 


Originally I thought I didn’t want the hassle or attention of a big party. But I changed my mind after attending a few friends’ birthdays. 


There were some great speeches, some great people, and some great laughs. 


We were out all night, and I got home at around 5am. 


Where I live is atop a lovely hill that looks out over some beautiful parts of Sydney. I remember thinking, “Gee, this is really, really good”


2015 was a bad year, but that was a good day. 


The best day. 


Of my life.


Today, I’d like you to ask someone close to you what the best day of their life was. 

Feel free to share your response in the comments below.

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