The Thousand Doors

‘The Thousand Doors’… is a philosophy for intentionally living a non-linear life.

The greatest journeys cannot be planned, they must be discovered.


For example, there is no joy to be found in ‘re-discovering America’. Columbus discovered America, but when he discovered it, he didn’t know exactly what he would find…


Each of us has a discovery. So how do we find it if we don’t know what it is in advance?


We keep opening doors.


‘Doors’ are my metaphor because we can’t see through doors in advance. We don’t know what lies on the other side. But, behind each door is a room with more doors. And behind THOSE doors will be other rooms with EVEN MORE DOORS.


So even though we don’t know what these opportunities are, we know that if we keep opening doors, we will end up with an amazing journey/discovery – without knowing the specifics!


The world needs this because people only trust what they can clearly see, not what lies behind doors. People live their whole lives in one room, not recognising that the doors they turn down are not just one opportunity, but the first of a Thousand.

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