Joe’s 7 Tips For Conversation Sex

Define: Conversation Sex

The experience of deeply rewarding and pleasurable conversation, consisting of selfless penetration and climax. Requires at least two participants – can try to do it on your own but never the same.

The Importance Of Conversation Sex

One thing that has become clear to me is our need for Conversation Sex in society. I’m uniquely positioned to see this now that my writing and podcast are firmly out there, as these topics trigger the most deep and fascinating conversations with people.

Fact: Most people are not having enough Conversation Sex. It’s unhealthy and unnatural.

As a result, I find myself in hot demand. I feel like the Marilyn Munroe of Conversation Sex in my small part of the world – everyone wants a piece but there’s not enough to go around.

Without Conversation Sex there’s no ‘idea sex’ and ‘idea babies’ (hat tip Liam Hounsell for that one). At the moment a lot of people are running around having a conversation ‘root and scoot’ – getting what they need and moving on.

They’re missing the boat for deep, fulfilling, and rejuvenating Conversation Sex.

Tip One: Focus On Your Partner

It’s easy to focus on your own needs, your own preferences. Maybe you want to get straight into it, maybe you have a routine you’re used to or topics you’re interested in. But to focus only on these is selfish.

Focus on your partner. Listen to them – and shut your mouth. Let them speak and you focus on guiding them to a great conversation experience. By doing this, you’ll enjoy the experience more yourself.

Tip Two: The Deeper The Better

Yes we’re still talking about Conversation Sex here. No one craves small talk – it is something we endure not something we look forward to. What we want is depth. Few of us admit it at parties or when putting on a cool face in front of our friends.

But we all know deep down that we want it – and deep down we want it deep. Conversations that get to the base of the iceberg and shine a new light on things are the most pleasurable and orgasmic, leaving your partners reeling for more.

They’ll love it so much because it’s so rare that anyone can give it to them that deep. You’re going to clear all the debris of their day away by going further and talking about what’s real.

Tip Three: Foreplay Still Has Its Place

Be aware of your conversation partner. They might not be used to getting straight into bed with people like you and talking about the deep philosophical meaning of the world. They probably need to ease into it and warm up.

So participate in a little small talk, get things comfortable, and then use your skills to talk the real stuff after you find a little rabbit hole to go down.

Tip Four: The Longer The Better

Quick and efficient love-making is available elsewhere. With Conversation Sex, longer is better. How long can you last? How generously can you give and live in the conversation, with your undivided attention and devotion to your partner…?

Tip Five: Stay Present

Without checking your phone. Without thinking about the laundry. Without thinking about the shape of their forehead, and without thinking of Joe Rogan (the god of Conversation Sex) whilst you’re talking to your partner. No cheating – stay present in the conversation.

Tip Six: Multiple Conversation-gasms

A conversation-gasm is that moment where something clicks and opens them up in orgasmic splendour – “Oh my gosh wow… you’re so right… that’s so true”. If you are masterful at Conversation Sex, you’ll deliver multiple conversation-gasms for your partner in a single session, without expecting any in return.

You’ll leave them weak in the brain, mind absolutely blown, and unable to concentrate on anything at work all week because they keep thinking about that conversation, and how special it was.

Tip Seven: Do It With Someone Special

Do it with someone special – don’t give Conversation Sex to just anyone. Flirt with a lot – sure, but only get into Conversational-bed with a few appropriate partners. When you do it right, partners will say to you “oh my gosh, that’s the best I’ve ever had!” and you’ll think to yourself…

I’ve had better.

A World With More Love

Instead of our conversations being trivial and transactional, we can participate in the deep and generous forms of conversation as love-making for the benefit of one-and-all.

Our peak experiences of learning come through Conversation Sex – more than reading books or learning by doing. We need to make rooms in our world where this love-making can happen – not Conversation Brothels per say, but the rooms where it can happen.

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