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What to do when no one is coming to help

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, young Harry finds himself in a predicament towards the story’s ending. Having travelled back in time, he is watching past-him being attacked by vicious, ghastly creatures called ‘dementors’.


Now remember, he’s travelled back in time… so he remembers this moment. Harry is watching and waiting, because he remembers seeing a figure across the water step out and cast a spell to banish the dementors.


Confused? Best to read the book. If you are following, what happens next makes the story. Future Harry, waiting for someone to come, starts to panic.


Where is the figure?


Who is coming to save the day?


They better hurry he thinks… time is running out. Harry looks on at the past-version of himself being attacked.


Time is running out.


He can’t wait any longer.


And so, he takes it upon himself. He steps up and casts the spell — a spell he struggled to perform all year, that he couldn’t get right no matter how hard he tried — all until the time where it mattered most.


Past-Harry could not realise that what he saw was a future version of himself step forward to save the day. He could not remember it yet, because it had not yet happened.




Let’s talk about you know. When YOU notice something wrong in the world, and wonder why, when you turn around, that no one is doing anything about it, that’s because this is your challenge to take up.


Stop looking around. No one is coming to the rescue.


Someone should do something about that… that’s a real problem.


Yes indeed. Someone should.


You’ll wait long and hard until you realise that it’s you who has to step out from behind the veil.


Who’s responsible for the Culture?

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