Who do you ‘follow’?

Do you follow people you respect?

Who enrich your life?

Who lift you up?

Who push you to aim higher?


How do you choose who to follow?


If you go to your social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and whatever else, take a moment to appreciate who you are following and subscribed to.


If a leader is someone who says ‘I’m going over here’, and a follower is someone who clicks ‘follow’ for that journey, then you are, through social media, being led by all those people you choose to follow.


When you click ‘follow’, you are clicking a button that says “I consent to being led by this person — I am interested in going where they are going”.


And that’s why you don’t have the energy to speak to certain people, even if they’re friends and family… because whilst you might like, love and appreciate them, you do not consent to going where they wish to go.


It’s not about disrespect. It’s not that you don’t love, care for or value them as people…


It’s that you don’t wish to go where they are going.


Everyone you ‘follow’ is dragging you in a certain direction. No wonder you feel tired and conflicted — you are being dragged in every which way.


I have my ideas and thoughts posted on channels like Instagram — but I don’t participate in Instagram. It is not a platform for me to select my leaders, to select who I want to follow and be influenced by.


I have close friends whose ‘content’ or ‘life updates’ I actively avoid, and those I have unsubscribed from.


It’s good feedback for them too, something they can learn from… that we can all learn from…


Treat everyone you ‘follow’ as a leader you’re subscribed to. Like it or not, you are consenting toward being led.


What you subscribe to is what you become… I’ll say that again.


What you subscribe to is what you become.


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