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‘Busy’ is Bullshit

Rule 2/3 of the Constant Student Community is, ‘never say the word ‘busy’ (Joe will lose it)’.


In modern society, ‘busy’ is a state of total distraction from the truth.


It’s a total distraction from what’s important.


It’s a badge of honor to be able to say ‘yeh mate, been busy‘. We derive pleasure from being able to say that we don’t have time. But what a ridiculous notion, to not have time?


A 19 times bestselling author received a manuscript for my book on a Saturday, and sent me back a blurb on the following Wednesday. For me and my co-authors, absolute no-names, we were dumbfounded.


Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, in what might be the best video on the internet, talk about keeping their schedules free as a bird, as their top priority.


The haters are saying, ‘but those people are established, with heaps of money, they can afford to do whatever they want’.


Ok, well Robby, in the middle of building a world-changing tech startup, has time at the drop of a hat to call me when I’ve gone through a break-up. Scott, who has about three full-time jobs at espresso, still makes time to help his friends with their small, local business ideas, and set up QR codes for his local cafe when COVID hits.


Busy is just code for an inability to manage one’s time — to have ceded control of your time to external factors, to lack the ability to order your own priorities.


If Hugh Jackman asked you to go to coffee tomorrow, you’d be free. If the President asked you to come to Washington next week, your ‘busy schedule’ would suddenly clear.


Remember this — ‘busy’ just tells you where you are in someone’s priority list, in their bucket.


Busy is bullshit.


One day you’ll be dead.


Will you say, “I was too busy to live?”


Don’t tell me, or anyone, you were ‘busy’.


You didn’t prioritise living… you weren’t too busy.


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    • Maria Di Giovanni
      July 19, 2021

      Yes! Busy is BS – i love this.


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