Within you there is a domestic ‘you’ and a work ‘you’

The typical family has a breadwinner who goes out to hunt or to work.


And the nurturing partner who stays ‘home’ to protect and look after the young, to maintain order.


But, if the breadwinner spends too much time away, the housebound partner eventually tells them off.


“You’re always working” they say, “you never have time for me”.


The breadwinner might love and be consumed by winning bread, by work, but no matter how deep one’s immersion is in their work, they cannot neglect their home. Because by doing this, they throw their beautiful unity off balance, and drive the homebound partner away.


In the same way, you have within you these parts. Just as in a marriage there are three people (the ‘you’, the ‘me’ and the ‘we’), you have these same personalities in that relationship with yourself.


Yes there is a part of you that is called to do your ‘work’, or duty in the outer world, and that part which must tend the flock. But every couple needs special time together, and no matter how much you have on your plate, you are no exception.


When you neglect the time you spend with yourself, you throw your whole harmony into disarray – no wonder you cannot see clearly, no wonder you feel overwhelmed.


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