The Owen Wilson Test

How do you know when your work is good enough?


Keeping your personal standards high is a pretty good start.


Beyond that, I use a cheat called The Owen Wilson Test.


As in the famous Hollywood actor who often says ‘WOWWWW’ in films.


(See here).


An emotive, heartfelt ‘WOWWWW’.


When I send a writing piece or advertising idea to a friend I wait to see if it garners a WOWWWW reaction from them.


People will not ask you ‘is this the very best you can do?’ and they won’t always be conscious of what your very best is.


So when something is just okay, they’ll say ‘that’s good!’


But I know I’ve really got something when I hear the WOWWWW.


It’s the Owen Wilson Test — a test to uncover remarkability and wow-factor.


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